Hypnotic Bath session, Tuesday 02.06. at 7pm CEST

Most people spend huge amount of their life and time focusing on what they don’t have. They live in “scarcity mindset”, where they feel that there is not enough to go around, not enough money, success, happiness ect. They spend to much time worrying about the lack rather that what is available.

For them even if they do get that dream job, that promotion they longed for, that apartment they wanted, that relationship they always dream of having, they might even be happy for a while, but soon enough they will start to feel that “lack” again.

They’ll start to compare their new job to others, they will start to see ways how their apartment, relationship, promotion is not perfect after all and they will go back to worrying that they still don’t have enough and live in lack.

This is what scarcity mindset does.

And there are that other people who have adapted a different approach to life. They live with the mindset of Abundance, where they first see what they do have in life. They see wholeness! They live from place of gratitude and appreciate all the happiness, security, success, friendships, love and opportunities they already have in their lives. And when you develop a habit of appreciating what you have in your life, something amazing happens.

You start to properly acknowledge your own talents, capabilities, achievements which makes you feel more confident in yourself. It makes you more willing to take on new challenges, to be more creative and soon you’ll discover that you are achieving so much more in life, just because you are truly believing in yourself.

In this special 1 hour edition of Hypnotic Bath session, we will train your mind to see good qualities in yourself and others, to appreciate many different resources you already have in your life and to help you see the opportunities that abound in the world around you.

The more you will listen to this session, the more you will develop a robust, positive mindset of abundance so that you can approach life with a deep sense of passion, fulfilment and optimism.

Join me on Tuesday 02.06. at 7pm CEST for this special group hypnotic experience. We will go beyond our limiting believes.

The session will be held IN ENGLISH over Zoom.

Don't miss this amazing event.

See you soon 🙂

With love,

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