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Deborah Krempl Doplihar, Personal trainer – coach for a quality, successful life

She, Irena, helped me face the truth I knew, but pushed it deep, deep into my subconscious. It helped me pull her, the trutht, to the surface, accept her and changed my strength, how to live with it, how to deal with it, and how to finally overcome it.

I strongly believe that you can’t be really successful if you don’t beat, fill your inner holes.

With Irena's technique, this is very possible.

Nina Cuk

Nina Cuk

I came to see Irena with no expectations at all. I was ready inside for changes and the next step that will take me to freedom and financial independance. Through the whole proccess I was aware of everything I was saying, when I expressed my pain in various parts of my life and childhood. It was like a huge weight was lifted of me ...

Mirjana Šarac

Mirjana Šarac, Professional Coach & NLP Practitioner

Irena is extremly proffesional and caring person. In my RTT session with her I felt safe and with full trust I let my self follow the proccess. I experienced a beautiful and emotional journey into and through my past, where I was able to see things and events from a totaly different perspective. Now I understand why I was holding on tho some of the limiting believes, and this understanding gave me ability to free myself of the past bourdons, which I caried for such a long time. I feel fenomenal after our therapy ...


Naomi Morgan, Spain

Irena is so friendly, professional and supportive throughout I would highly recommend her. I loved my session with Irena and found it fascinating and very useful to unpack my limiting beliefs around money. Within the hypnosis session there were a number of childhood memories that came to the surface as significant that I wasn’t consciously aware of. However, now I reflect back on the memories it makes perfect sense why they had such an impact. It has helped to explain many adult behaviours, not just those surrounding money. I look forward to moving forward without these money blocks holding me back. Thank you once again!


Asja Dupanović

Asja Dupanović

Irena is truly one of the most amazing young women I ever met. Her life experience equipped her with knowledge, skill, insight and stunning strenght. She is true light to all those who find themselves where she used to be. I recommend her guidance to everyone struggling with different un-eases. Irena's trustworthy hands are very good to be in. I am sure, whatever your struggle, that she will be a pure blessing in your life.

Martina Kodrun
Martina Kodrun

Martina Kodrun, Personal trainer, #sestavise

I had the chance to meet Irena and test the RTT therapy a few months ago, as recommended by a friend. Irena felt like an old friend immediately and the RTT therapy impressed me despite the fact that I approached it very skeptically. I doubted anything can penetrate to such deep levels, especially in only one session. I started noticing changes in how I was feeling already within days after the session. I was calmer and more balanced right off the bat, and after a while, my life started improving in different areas. It was like I was getting different, better results because I was giving out a different type of energy. I also saw changes starting to occur in my close relationships, adding to the feeling that I started breaking old patterns that had been blocking me subconsciously and I hadn't known how to even bring them to my awareness before.

In short, it is an experience I recommend to anyone as we all carry so many old wounds within us that prevent us to live our lives in the best, grandest way possible. Even if you don't believe in therapy. Take the chance and gift yourself a session with Irena. You won't regret it.


Katarina Čuk

After I've been through RTT with Irena, great breakthroughs started happening in my years-long process of meditation, self-work etc. trying to improve my self-love, get rid of the 'not good enough' pattern, set worth for myself and price to my services and – I got rid of my migraine that I suffered often from in the last 24 years! Because with Irena, we reached deep down to the roots. Thank you!


Nina Mohorič Pajić, Online Business Manager

I came to hypnotherapy session with Irena with and open mind and heart. Irena explained to me how it works and what I can expect in a kind and professional manner. The experience was calming and very interesting. Trough images and feelings from the childhood I was able to acknowledge limiting beliefs that I didn't know I had until then. Some of them surprised me and made me even firmer in my quest to dive deep in my feelings, beliefs, in my subconscious mind in order to get rid of the old patterns that were keeping me stuck. After the therapy I was relaxed but full of impressions. With the help of Irena and her support after the therapy I was able to finally set my wishes as the priority. The decisions I have made, have brought me closer to my own business that I am building with passion and courage. I am looking forward to the future with excitement.

Rebecca D.

My session with you, Irena, was truly life changing and I felt so lucky to have you as my therapist. You put me at ease immediately and I was also amazed at how quickly you got to the heart of my issue, right at the very start. The subsequent revelations reshaped my thinking, something clicked in my brain so that even in my down moments, there’s now a protective barrier and I no longer fall in too deep. I feel that is a direct result of our session and the realisation that that critical voice was my own. So, thank you.

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