Irena Kahne

Who am I

My name is Irena Kahne and I love good coffee, mysteries, puzzles and the sitcom Friends (Prijatelji).I believe in love at first sight and that persistence always pays off. I love order and organisation, my Excel tables and colourful pens.

My handbag always contains a pencil case with my colourful pens and a lip balm, and for the past 6 years, also spare shirts and cookies for my sweethearts. Yes, I am also a proud mother-of-two.

I am a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, regression therapist and RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) therapist, RTT trainer and mentor and author of the Hypno Fit Planner.

I have used hypnosis to help many people overcome their fears, lose weight, restore a healthy self-esteem, re-learn to love themselves and restore the heart beat of happiness.

inner search

I embarked on my spiritual journey almost twenty years ago, even though I have always believed there was something more out there and relied on my intuition which has always led to the right insights into life.

Ten years ago marked the beginning of undergoing professional training that provided me with the required practical and useful knowledge.

and mentors

My curiosity and desire to acquire additional knowledge subsequently led me to undergo training required to become a:

    • Regression Therapist (as certified by the world-renowned regression therapist Jan Erik Sigdell),
    • Hypnosis Practioner (Mastermind Akademija, NLP Master Trainer Aleksander Sinigoj, PhD;
    • I learned in London from Paul McKennaDr. Richard Bandler),
    • Master Hypnosis Practioner certification with Philip Holt,
    • in November 2018 I became a Rapid Transformational Therapy Therapist (Marisa Peer) and Certified Hypnotherapist,
    • in May 2020 I became a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (Marisa Peer),
    • RTT trainer, which allows me to assist on Marisa Peer's workshops and to be a mentor to a vast number of students all over the world,
    • Life Coach (a certified program of one of the most recognised hypnotherapists Steve J. Jones).

too much knowledge

My success is based in continuous personal development and learning on different topics and aspects of life, so I also went to learn from:

  • Marie Forleo and did her amazing program called B-SCHOOL
  • Gabby Bernstien where I undertook my spiritual journey through her online program SPIRIT JOUNKIE
  • Lenja Faraguna and her amazing MODERN MARCARETING ACADEMY and I keep on learning from her every day as she has become one of my closest friends
  • Regan Hillyer and amazing BE YOUR BRAND program
  • and many more

lies inside of us

Hypnosis is something that surprises me very time with it's power to transform lives, to give back hope and to give back self-love

I am so grateful that I am able to help people write their new story and live the life of their dreams.


Clinical Hypnotherapist Certificate Kahne
Irena Kahne RTT

from helping you

Let's find a way to help you make desired changes in your life with the help of RTT.

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