You may not yet feel ready for a individual session, but I can still help you.

personalised recording RTT hypnotherapy

I offer you and create for you an extremely powerful personalized clip, tailored just for you and focused on your current life challenges. Although recording is not as effective as a full RTT live session, it is still a good start and introduction to getting to know hypnosis and yourself.

Price: 100 €

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Detailed description

How does a personalized clip work?

By listening to the recording for a continuous 21 days, you will begin to modify the neural connections in your brain to trigger and allow you to begin changing your negative beliefs, habits or unwanted behaviors.

Personalized hypnotic recordings have a much stronger effect than generically produced recordings, which are useful but do not focus on the specific origin of your problems.

How do I create a personalized clip?

I'll talk to you earlier (via email or phone) to find out:

  • what kind of problems do you face,
  • how these problems affect your daily life,
  • how they hinder that desired progress that you so badly desire.

After all the information collected, I will be able to tailor the recording specifically to your needs for effective results.

The recording length is 15-20 min.

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