What is rapid transformational therapy (RTT) and how can it help?


Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a technique of therapy pioneered by Marisa Peer. One size doesn’t fit all, and individual techniques don’t always produce the results that we desire. RTT uses a singular method that incorporates the best elements from other therapies to ensure whole healing, and negate the need for long-term, multiple treatments.

RTT can be helpful for both mental health conditions and for developing a growth mindset. Without self-belief and confidence, our behaviours will display characteristics that will make it difficult to achieve goals and aspirations.

Understanding the self-limiting beliefs that are holding us back is the first step in recovery. To identify and acknowledge these blocks is powerful in starting to shift them. It won’t necessarily be easy, but it can be enlightening to realise the false stories we have been telling ourselves.

Harbouring feelings of guilt or shame will weigh very heavily on our shoulders. A part of the process will include forgiveness. Forgiving yourself for past experiences is a powerful release that allow you to focus forwards, and not backwards.

Childhood experiences shape who we are today. Some of us will have experienced trauma and these need to be understood and addressed to ensure that don’t continue to damage our current and future selves.

However, even in a seemingly harmonious childhood, there are often learned beliefs that are continuing to affect our adult lives. Growing up we would have had money beliefs installed in us for example. A negative money mindset will block the financial success we allow ourselves today.

It’s important to understand that beliefs are not facts. As human beings we are instinctively learning all the time, but our interpretation as we learn will rely on our built belief systems’ approval. We create experiences that validate our values. The good news is they can be challenged and changed anytime we choose to look at and work on them.

With all these complexities present, it can be daunting to even begin to do the healing work. However, ignoring them will make progressing with goals in every area of life feel difficult, or even impossible.

One of the major benefits of RTT is that the progress made is rapid. It’s like ripping off the plaster, rather than a long, drawn out process. Getting to the route cause of blockages and releasing them allows clients of RTT therapists to move on with a new positive mindset.

Many of us could benefit from an RTT session as often we don’t even realise blocks exist. To reach our full potential and have an unwavering growth mindset, can only serve to improves lives, and drive successes even further. Wherever we are now, there is always room for improvement. There are always bigger goals we can set, and new heights to aim for. If we just allow ourselves to believe that we really can achieve whatever it is, we desire.

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